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 iPhone Photography

Someday back in 2012 during a trip to Las Vegas I turned to iPhone photography to photograph, manage, edit and share my travel photography. Here’s an overview about the apps & gear I use, tutorials I’ve written and photo spots I photographed with iPhone.

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Recommended iPhone Camera Apps

Since I turned to iPhone photography in 2012, I’ve tried many different iPhone camera apps and I still try new ones. However, I always return to these four apps that I basically use and recommend since I switched to iPhone only photography. They offer everything needed for travel photography.


If you looked around on this web-site, you know that I love to travel light. I also apply this principle to camera apps. I use only a handful of camera apps and I’ve written extensive reviews about the ones I currently use and used in the past. You can read those reviews in the blog.

Recommended iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Same here. I only use a handful of photo editing apps for my travel photos. Though I keep on trying new apps, those are simply the best in their class and enable me to retouch and develop my travel photos on iPhone or iPad on the go.


I’ve written extensive reviews about the iPhone photo editing apps I currently use and even those I’ve used in the past. For those I’ve used in the past, I’ve also mentioned why I don’t use them any more and which app I use instead. Find it all in the blog.

 iPhone Photography Classes

I’m offering video classes and I’m kicking things off by offering live (!) video classes on The first class I’m offering is a live class where you’ll learn retouching photos with touch retouch app, that I have been using for years!

Recommended iPhone Lenses

Over the years, I’ve tried iPhone lenses from different brands, especially wide angle lenses. But I always return to the Moment lenses. These lenses are made of cinema quality glass contained in a metal housing. They provide an excellent picture quality and are robust. Yet, they’re small and fit my traveling light lifestyle. And they have the easiest mounting system I’ve seen so far.


By the way, Moment also sells a lens cleaning pen that I have and they also have a remote bluetooth shutter release, which I consider essential if you want to take long exposures. So you might want to check out those two things, too.

And if you’re still curious, head over to the blog and read all blog posts about lenses for iPhone that I’ve written so far.

For your convenience, the list of iPhone lenses I currently use is also available on my Amazon Page.

iPhone Tripods and Tripod Mounts

A tripod for iPhone is essential if you want to take sharp photos in low light conditions or take long exposures. The requirements for an iPhone tripod maybe a little different to those for a DSLR. Here are my reviews of two tripods and tripod mounts I use for my iPhone photography.


Just in case you’d like to see the iPhone gear I’ve used in the past, here’s an overview about all the stuff I’ve used (and use)

For your convenience, this list of iPhone photography accessories I use is also available on my Amazon Page.

iPhone Photography Tutorials

In the tutorials section of my blog I regularly share tutorials about how I shoot, edit and manage my iPhone photos. Those tutorials are focused around either around a particular topic or a workflow I use. Here are the latest six tutorials from the blog.