No Camera Bag

 iPhone Photography

Someday back in 2012 during a trip to Las Vegas I turned to iPhone photography to photograph, manage, edit and share my travel photography. Here’s an overview about the apps & gear I use, tutorials I’ve written and photo spots I photographed with iPhone.

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iPhone Photography Apps

Since I turned to iPhone photography in 2012, I’ve tried dozens of different iPhone camera and photo editing apps. “Traveling light” is also valid when it comes to iPhone photo apps. So here’s a handful of iPhone camera and photo editing apps I use regularly.


Head over to the blog and see all the reviews of iPhone photograph apps I’ve written; including those I don’t use any more


iPhone photography Gear & accessories

One of the benefits for me of turning to iPhone photography was that I could drastically slim down my gear. Almost everything fits into the pockets of a jacket; thus I don’t need a camera bag anymore. Here’s the stuff I currently use for my iPhone photography


Moment Lenses

After I tried several different brands, I settles for the excellent lenses from Moment. I currently own the Wide Angle, Tele and Superfish Lens. Get 10% off your first purchase from Moment, when you purchase anything from Moment through this link to the Moment Online Shop.


iPhone Tripods and Tripod Mounts

When I started with iPhone photography, it was quite difficult to find a suitable iPhone tripod mount. Today I use the tripod mounts from Joby as they work with cases attached to iPhone (like the Moment case I need to attach the lenses)


Just in case you’d like to see the iPhone gear I’ve used in the past, here’s an overview about all the stuff I’ve used (and use)

iPhone Photography Tutorials

In the tutorials section of my blog I regularly share tutorials about how I shoot, edit and manage my iPhone photos. Those tutorials are focused around either around a particular topic or a workflow I use. Here are the latest six tutorials from the blog.


Photo Spots

Discover beautiful photo spots that I photographed with iPhone during my trips. The majority of those photo spots is located in Europe but you’ll find a few from other places in the world, too.


For all of those photo spots I’ll tell you how I photographed them with iPhone and share travel & getting around tips. Check out the special about lost places, too!