Image Licensing

All my images on this site and on other social sites I use (e.g. flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) are licensed under a (cc) by-nc 4.0 unported license. See Creative Commons Homepage for details. Third party images used on this site are clearly attributed to their original creators using words like "source" or "via". Please contact the original creators for obtaining a license for use of such images.


What Creative Commons BY-NC License means

Under the Creative Commons by-nc license you are free to:

  • To Share: Copy, distribute, and transmit the image in a non commercial context 

  • To Remix: Create derivative works of the image in a non commercial context

... under the following conditions:

  • Attribution: You attribute the content by it’s original title, creator and link it back to the originating page. You can attribute the work to either "@squics", “”, “C. Feichtner” or “Chris Feichtner”. Taking one of my photos from e.g. flickr and just attributing it to "flickr" is not enough.

  • Non-Commercial: The image must not be used in any commercial context under any circumstances. For clarity on what is commercial use, which is defined very broad, please see the sample accepted uses below.


Sample Accepted Use of my photos under the Creative Commons BY-NC License

  • Editorial use on personal blogs for non sponsored posts; e.g. a blog post about mobile photography.

  • Sharing the photo on Social Media with your friends and family.

  • Usage as a background on your computer or a mobile device by an individual person.


License for commercial use

‘Commercial Use’ regarding the use of images online or offline is defined very broadly. The determination of commercial or non-commercial use is based solely on the use of the image and not the user! There seem to be a few misconceptions of the term "non-commercial" in the creative common license. Make sure you read that section about non-commercial use in the Creative Commons License.

Commercial use of my images is allowed only if expressly granted by Chris Feichtner. All commercial uses are subject to a licensing fee depending on media, distribution size, length of use and prominence of display.

All licensing inquiries should be sent to:


Sample Uses considered commercial and Requiring A License

  • A marketing campaign in any media e.g. print, online, television.

  • Editorial use in a commercial media online and offline, e.g. corporate blog, newspaper or television.

  • Use on a commercial website, e.g. a product illustration

  • A fund-raising campaign for a not-for profit entity.

  • A background image for a website or a header image for a commercial social media account, e.g. a fan page.

  • Creating merchandising e.g. cups, t-shirts or postcards.

  • Creating or selling prints.

If you're unsure, do not hesitate to