About this site and myself


Welcome to the inevitable "about me" page. I update this page now and then with some background info about me, the "what" and "why" I'm doing this.

First, this site started as a tumblr in 2012. It was a place for me to host my images and write a few words about them. After I returned from a trip to Las Vegas during which I used my iPhone more and more as the main camera, I wrote about that on my tumblr. More and more people became interested in the "iPhone photography" topic and so I moved the site to Squarespace and now write more about how I use my iPhone as the only camera to shoot, edit, manage and share my travel photos on the go.

But I guess you came to this page to also get a glimpse about me, the person behind this site. So, hi, I'm Chris Feichtner and live in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. Nice to meet you.

Bullet-Point Bio

I've been told that people don't like to read looooong text online, so here's a easy digestible bullet-point bio about me:

  • Got my first camera at the age of twelve (that was over 30 years ago!) for a trip to the U.S.
  • I have a degree in computer science with a focus on information systems
  • I shot and documented concerts and events for a local picture agency here in Vienna for 10 years, before I turned to travel photography.
  • In 2012 I first started to experiment with iPhone Photography during a trip to Las Vegas. Amazed by the results of the iPhone camera, I sold my DSLR once I got back home and since then use only an iPhone on my travels
  • I shoot mainly land- and cityscapes and occasionally you can find me exploring lost places
  • I travel mainly in Europe.