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Traveling Light 

For me, traveling light is a mindset and a lifestyle that I adopted. Over the years, I have researched and tried lots of gear and built my kit for traveling light during trips and through life.

Travel Apps | Travel Gear

Recommended Gear for Traveling Light

Here’s the stuff and gear I use for traveling light. Starting with a carry on compliant backpack to a small and foldable daypack.


Head over to the blog and see all the reviews of travel gear I published in the blog.

As a convenience, I made this entire list also available on my Amazon Page.

Photo Spots and Travel Inspiration

Discover beautiful photo spots that I photographed with iPhone during my trips. The majority of those photo spots is located in Europe but you’ll find a few from other places in the world, too.


For all of those photo spots I’ll tell you how I photographed them with iPhone and share travel & getting around tips. Check out the special about lost places, too!

Recommended Travel Apps for efficient Traveling

Apps make travel easier. Here’s a list of travel apps I use for preparing a trip and during a trip.


Head over to the blog and see all the reviews of iPhone travel apps I’ve published in the blog.