Library in Stuttgart; Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

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A personal blog, launched in 2012, about my experience with and approach about iPhone photography and traveling light.

On this website you’ll read about the apps and gear I use for iPhone photography, how I travel light and I’ll share photos from mainly European photo spots and lost places.

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That’s just a pic of myself - not shot on iPhone


Hi, I’m Chris

In my blog, you’ll read about my recommended camera apps, recommended photo editing apps, the iPhone photo accessories I use and my review of the iPhone 14 Pro. I also published reviews and tutorials about these iPhone photo apps and how I use them.

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A lighthouse in Scotland; Shot on iPhone 6S Plus

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“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorow”

– Imogen Cunningham

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Long exposure of NY Skyline; Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


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Love the way you have written your articles. Succinct, jargon-free and pitched at a great level of understanding. Have to block out some time this weekend now to read more!

- Mike James,

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