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Clouds in the Mountains (II) | Schneeberg, Austria

iPhone Photography

Read reviews of recommended iPhone camera apps and photo editing apps. Check the iPhone photo accessories like iPhone lenses and tripods for iPhone. Improve your iPhone photography skills by heading over to the iPhone photography tutorials.

Traveling Light

See the gear I rely on to travel light and get some photographic inspiration from photo spots I photographed with iPhone. There also seems to be a kind of science evolving around what people carry with them every day. Here’s my everyday carry.

Latest posts in the iPhone Photo Blog

Head over to the blog to read about my approach to iPhone photography, get some travel inspiration from photo spots I visited, learn how to skip the queues at the airport traveling light and get ideas and recommendations for your everyday carry. If you’re curious, you can see some blog posts and photos from my Pre iPhone Photography era. Enjoy!

Also in the blog, you’ll find a number of reviews and tutorials for my recommended camera apps, photo editing apps, and iPhone photo accessories.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow
— Imogen Cunningham

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“Reading about Chris's work at nocamerabag.com convinced me that I could take great photos with my smartphone. His tutorials are detailed and full of insight.”


“A true inspiration for mobile photography. Chris convinced me that I could produce professional video clips for my own music with just a smartphone.”

-- Marco Klaasen, Musician, www.zwoekie.com


“Trying to sift through the overwhelming amount of info seemed almost impossible, but fortunately I found your blog. Finally, some concise info on gear and workflow! Thank you for putting in the time and effort on your blog.”

— Doug L. from Ohio via email.

“I’ve been looking for a new camera (DSLR) recently as well but, with having a iPhone 6 now, and having repeatedly gone over your site I’m just gonna pass on the $1500.00 camera and learn the phone.”

- Ben from Wisconsin via email


“Love the way you have written your articles. Succinct, jargon-free and pitched at a great level of understanding. Have to block out some time this weekend now to read more!”

— Mike James, smartphonephotographytraining.com

“I’m now iPhone only (sold my other stuff) and completed my mobile gear (joby-wise) recently ... your blog was my main inspiration”

— Gerald M Foto (digital art & photography), via Instagram


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