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A blog where I share my experience about iPhone photography and traveling light. I launched it in 2012 after I ditched my cumbersome DSLR in favor of an iPhone and iPad to take, edit and manage my travel photos on the go - No camera bag needed.

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Collapsed Roof; Abandoned Airport, Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max

That’s just a pic of me - not shot on iPhone


Hi, I’m Chris

In my blog, you’ll read about my recommended camera apps, recommended photo editing apps and iPhone photo accessories I use and a lot more useful stuff about iPhone photography and traveling light.

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Lighthouse, Scotland, Shot on iPhone 6s Plus


„Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow“

– Imogen Cunningham

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Love the way you have written your articles. Succinct, jargon-free and pitched at a great level of understanding. Have to block out some time this weekend now to read more!

- Mike James, smartphonephotographytraining.com

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Long exposure, New York, Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

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