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A blog & web-site about iPhone photography and traveling light with only carry on luggage (and no camera bag).



I photograph with iphone only and travel light

Since I turned to iPhone photography, ditched my DSLR & camera bag, iPhone photo apps and accessories have come a long way. See how I shoot and edit my travel photos and which app and gear I use.


iPhone Photography

Learn my way of travel iPhone photography and see which apps & gear I use and how I shoot, manage my photos using iPhone.

Traveling light

I ditched my DSLR and camera bag because I love to travel light. See how I travel with only carry on luggage and my EDC.

Photo Spots

Be inspired by mainly European city- and landscape photo spots and see how I photographed those destinations


Special: Lost Places shot on iPhone


I always keep an eye out for lost places. Such places have an eerie beauty. I've written about such places I've visited and photographed in Austria, Ukraine, Finnland, Germany, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and the United States in a special category in my blog.



I turned iPhone Photography

I traveled to Las Vegas in 2012. One day, I got tired of carrying my heavy camera bag and DSLR dangling from my neck thru the city at 55F. So I left the DSLR stuff in the hotel room and used only my iPhone to photograph the city. I felt literally relieved and learned that shooting, editing and managing photos on iPhone is a time saver, too. Join me on my journeys and read how I travel light and use an iPhone only to shoot, edit, manage and share my travel photos on the go.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow
— Imogen Cunningham
Collision Prevention | Lossiemouth, Scotland

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Media Coverage of my approach to iPhone photography