Exploring the mystic Black Beach near Vik in Iceland

Everything in Iceland will remind you that you're on a volcanic island. The hot springs and steam coming from the ground everywhere, the solidified lava fields and the stunning black beach. It's located near Vik on the south coast of Iceland.

The black beach is a gravel beach where each stone, each rock is black due to the volcanic activity from past centuries. It's a huge beach and it will probably take you an hour or two to hike along the entire beach.

After you parked your car look for a trail between two rocks that leads down to the sea. It's on the right side of the parking lot. Follow the path and you can hike along the entire beach if walking on gravel is not too tiring for you.



How I shot the wave breaking on the rock

The rock from the shot is to the right of the trail I mentioned. Depending on the wind the waves can be quite large and break nicely at the rock. I got the shot using the iPhone's burst mode. Focus on the edge of the rock in the sea. Then tap and hold to lock the focus. This avoids that the iPhone tries to refocus on the waves.

As soon as you see the wave coming, tap the shutter release and capture a series of frames; then run because the splash from the wave breaking at the rock may be quite heavy and the water will come up between the rocks. I got soaking wet ;)

Of course you could use e.g. a Moment 2x Tele Lens from a safe distance, but that's just half the fun ;)

I edited the shot with Enlight using the HDR preset and manual adjustments to work out the details of the rock and the splash.