Review: Joby Griptight One and Pro iPhone Tripod Mounts

When I turned to iPhone photography back in 2013, I found it, let's say, challenging to mount an iPhone to a regular tripod. First, I discovered and bought a simple iPhone tripod mount on Kickstarter. But that iPhone tripod mount had two drawbacks. It didn't work if the iPhone was in a case, and if they form factor of the iPhone would change, I'd need to buy a new tripod mount.

A bit later, Joby released the Joby Griptight One iPhone tripod mount and a bit later the pro version, the Griptight Pro.

I own and use both of these tripod mounts, and in this review, I'll compare the two to help you decide if and which one is right for you.

Joby Griptight One and Griptight Pro iPhone tripod mounts

Joby Griptight One and Griptight Pro iPhone tripod mounts

Joby Griptight One iPhone tripod mount

The Griptight One is a small clamp. Most important is the word small in this context. The small form-factor makes it easy to carry but also easy to lose. I guess I've spread a few of these across Europe in the last years.

Joby Griptight One iPhone Tripod Mount

Joby Griptight One iPhone Tripod Mount

You can attach the Griptight One to each tripod that has a standard 1/4-20" screw - which should cover 95% of all tripods available on the market.

The clamp of the Griptight one is not padded or anything like that, but you can use it with your iPhone in a case. I've tested it with a few cases like the standard Apple iPhone cases and the Moment Photo Case, which, by the way, is an excellent case even if you don't have one of their lenses simply because you can attach a wrist strap to it.

The simplicity and small form factor of the Joby Griptight One requires a compromise. You can only use your iPhone in landscape. Of course, if you have a ball head on your tripod, you can turn that to use it in portrait mode. Though the clamp does what the name suggests, gripping your iPhone tight, I still have mixed feelings when using it this way.

I mainly use the Griptight One on my Joby Gorillapod Magnetic. It does not add much bulk to it, and so I can carry it in almost any pocket.

If you are looking for a more robust solution and move your tripod around a lot with your iPhone mounted, you may want to look at the Griptight Pro mount instead.

Joby Griptight Pro iPhone tripod mount

While the Griptight Pro is also a clamp, it's notably more robust and has a screw to fix the clamp and to ensure, your iPhone does not fall out. Additionally, you can turn the clamp 90 degrees and use your iPhone in portrait mode if you need to.

Back of Joby Griptight Pro iPhone tripod mount

Back of Joby Griptight Pro iPhone tripod mount

I've used the Griptight Pro mount with different plus and regular-sized iPhone models in the past.

Just like the Griptight One, it works even if you use it with your iPhone in a case, which is essential for me because I need the Moment Case to attach the Moment lenses.

The Griptight pro mount is attached to a tripod using a standard 1/4"-20 tripod mount screw; so it will most likely fit and work with your existing tripod.

And with just 0.32 ounces it does not add too much weight to carry on luggage.

The Joby Griptight Pro works quite simple. You just put your iPhone between the rubber coated clamps, push the clamps together, and secure them with the rotary knob on the back. Done.

iPhone with Moment Case in Joby Griptight Pro iPhone tripod mount

iPhone with Moment Case in Joby Griptight Pro iPhone tripod mount

Again, you can mount the Griptight Pro to any tripod that has a standard 1/4"-20 tripod screw, so it will, most likely, even fit your existing tripod.

The Griptight Pro works almost as simple as the Griptight One; it just requires one more movement of your hand to secure the screw on the back.

Joby Griptight Pro 2 iPhone tripod mount

Meanwhile, Joby released a new version of the Griptight Pro. I don't have it (or will buy it), because the main difference, from what I can see, is just the additional cold shoe at the top. I don't need that.

But if you're into filmmaking and want to attach, e.g., a microphone or an external light source, you may want to look into the Griptight Pro 2.

The Griptight One Auto Vent Clip

Joby built quite a few products around their tripod mounts. One of these products I recommend and use myself is the Griptight Auto Vent Clip.

You clip this thing to a vent lamella and attach your iPhone to it using the Griptight One mount. It doesn't get more convenient.

The Auto Vent Clip ships with a Griptight One Mount that you can remove and mount to your tripod. So if you're looking for a way to save money on rental cars because you bring your own navigation system, your iPhone, then have a look at the Griptight Auto Vent Clip at Amazon.

Mounting your iPhone to a rental car has never been easier.

Which Griptight iPhone tripod mount should I buy?

As always, this depends on your requirements and your kind of photography. Here's a quick comparison table of essential features of the Griptight one, Griptight Pro, and Griptight Pro 2.

Griptight One Griptight Pro Griptight Pro 2
Formfactor small not so small not so small either
Portability great ok ok
Weight 0.05 lbs 0.19 lbs 0.28 lbs
Landscape yes yes yes
Portrait no yes yes
Locking Screw no yes yes
Cold Shoe no no yes
Tripod Screw 1/4"-20 1/4"-20 1/4"-20

Still unsure? How about this:

I recommend getting the Joby Griptight Pro mount, if:

  • You want to keep your iPhone mounted to a tripod and want to carry or move the tripod with the iPhone still installed.
  • You're looking for a tripod mount that supports using the iPhone in landscape and portrait mode.

Need this one? Buy the Griptight One from Amazon. Side note: If you don't have a Joby Gorillapod for iPhone yet, you may also consider buying a Griptight One Magnetic Impulse (what a name!). In this package, you'll get a Griptight One mount, a Joby Gorillapod Magnetic, and a Bluetooth remote shutter release.

I recommend getting the standard Joby Griptight One, if:

  • You occasionally use your iPhone with a tripod, e.g., for a single shot.
  • Using the iPhone to photograph in landscape only is ok for you.
  • You don't carry the tripod around with iPhone mounted.

Have you selected a Griptight Pro? Buy the Griptight Pro from Amazon. And if you need the cold shoe as well, this way please, to buy the Griptight Pro 2 from Amazon

And if you are curious, here are the two tripods I use for iPhone Photography.