Moment Wide and Tele Lenses sample photos

 In 2014 I read and article about a new lens system for the iPhone Camera, called "Moment Lenses". The review was promising, so I ordered the wide angle lens and the 2x tele lens from Moment. Fast Forward to July 2016. I still use both Moment lenses to photograph all my trips with the iPhone Camera and different camera apps. 

The Moment lenses are roughly the diameter of a 1 Dollar coin and each lens ships with a small pouch and a thin mounting plate. 

The mounting mechanism of the Moment lenses is brilliant. The thin plate that comes with your order has an adhesive and perfectly fits your iPhone. Make sure you chose the proper plate for your iPhone when ordering. The plate itself is extremely thin so the lenses and mounting system work with many covers and bumpers and you don't have to remove them to use the lenses. I used the Moment lenses with an Apple leather case. To mounting the lenses a little easier for me, I used a sharp knife and cut around the camera hole of the case making it 0,01 inch bigger.

The nice thing about using the plate is that I don't have to remove the case to use the lenses; very convenient!

The thin plate has a small bayonet nut connector and works like the connectors you might know from big cameras and lenses. Put the lens to the connector and turn it 90 degrees. Done. 

Meanwhile, Moment has released a dedicated protective case to use with their lenses. I switched from the plate mounting to using the case. I removed the plate from the iPhone and now use only the Moment case. The case is made of thick rubber, comes with a shutter release button and best of all: You can attach a wrist strap! Jump to my review of the Moment Case if you're curious.

I used both lenses with different camera apps and didn't notice any issues so far. 

To give you, an impression about the lenses have  a look at the following images. I shot the left with the wide lens, the middle one is without a lens and the right one I took with the 2 x Tele lens. I used ProCamera 8 for all shots. Click any image to enlarge it.

Sample Photo taken with the Moment Wide Lens

Sample Photo taken without any lens

Sample photo taken with the Moment 2x Tele lens.

Staircase taken without any lens (iPhone 6 only)

Staircase taken with Moment Wide Lens and iPhone 6

Waterfall sample photo without any moment lens

Gulfoss waterfall in Iceland without the Moment Wide Lens

Waterfall sample photo with Moment 2x Tele lens

Gulfoss waterfall in Iceland with moment wide lens

The following two shots are from a helicopter flight; that's why the perspective changed a little between the two shots. The first one is without the Moment 2 x Tele lens, the second one with the lens. 

20 Schilling View Tunnel without Moment 2x Zoom Lens

20 Schilling View Tunnel with Moment 2x Zoom Lens

I took the two shoots from Yosemite Valley from the Tunnel View Point during my trip to Yosemite back in 2015. The first one is without any lens and for the second one I used the Moment Wide Lens.

Tunnel View in Yosemite without Moment Lens

Tunnel View in Yosemite without Moment Lens

Tunnel View Yosemite with Moment Wide Lens

Tunnel View Yosemite with Moment Wide Lens

I tried different lens systems for the iPhone in the past. The Moment Lenses are the first ones I'll keep for two reasons: First, the mounting is convenient. Either use the provided plates or order the Moment Case that gives you a shutter release button and the option to use a wrist strap. Second, the image quality is really good with minimal distortions towards the edges.

The Moment Wide and Tele Lens are sold separately from the Moment Online Store.