Review: Moment Cases for iPhone to attach Moment Lenses

Moment not only does makes the best lenses for iPhone photographers; they also make great cases for us iPhone photographers.

Those iPhone cases from Moment have a great feature no-one seems to talk about and I keep wondering, why no one else has yet added that to an iPhone case.

The Moment cases allow you to attach a wrist or neck strap! So no matter which camera sutra position you have to take to get your perfect shot, you‘ll never drop your iPhone again.

Moment Photo Case for iPhone X with wrist strap

Moment Photo Case for iPhone X with wrist strap

Moment Photo Case wrist strap mount

Moment Photo Case wrist strap mount

The Moment photo cases are robust and still surprisingly thin. The rubberized body protects your iPhone out in the wild and from an accidental drop (just in case you forgot to use the wrist strap). The Moment photo cases come in two flavors

  • The „minimal“ moment photo case, which is basically a protective case (the one I have)
  • The battery photo case that also comes with a 3.100 maH battery, electronic shutter release button and support for wireless charging.

The minimal Moment Photo Case

This one is basically, well, just a photo case that allows you to attach all the current Moment lenses like the Moment Wide, Moment 2x Tele and Moment Superfish lenses that I use.

If you have an iPhone plus model or the new iPhone X, you can mount the Moment lenses over either (wide or tele) iPhone camera lens. So, using the Moment 2x Tele over the built in iPhone Tele lens will basically give you an optical 4x zoom lens (if you use a special camera app that allows you to switch the iPhone lenses like Camera+). Here’s a sample shot that I took of the Chrysler Building in New York from the Top of the Rock.

And of course, you can attach any wrist strap or even a neck strap. So If you order your photo case from Moment don’t forget to order the proper wrist or neck strap.

The minimal Moment Photo Case is available for all current iPhone models and even some Android models - and this is the case I currently use (I have the one with the looks-like-wood back; just in case you‘re curious).

Amazon has all the Moment photo cases.

The Moment Battery Photo Case

This one was in fact the first Moment photo case I had back in the good old iPhone 6 days. In addition of all the features of the minimal case (lens mount, wrist strap mount), the new battery photo 2.0 case has a 3.100 maH battery to keep your phone charged during a day shooing.

Plus, it has an electronic shutter button that works in the Moment Camera app or in the iOS Camera app. And it also supports wireless charging.

The Battery Photo Case 2.0 is currently only for iPhone X and only available directly from Moment.

I recommend and use the minimal Moment Photo Case

I had the first version of the battery photo case for my iPhone 6 and I liked it. But I love the minimal photo case better for a two simple reasons:

  • Weight (or lack thereof). The minimal photo case is lighter and as all the camera apps I use support the volume button shutter release, I do not need the electronic shutter button on the case.
  • Cost of replacement. With a new iPhone out each year, it‘s just cheaper to replace the minimal photo case, which is sold for $29 compared to the $99 battery photo case.

But your mileage may vary. Both cases have their advantages and both cases allow you to mount your Moment lenses and, which is the most important feature for me, a wrist strap.

All Moment Photo Cases are either available from Amazon for directly from Moment. The one I have is the Moment Photo Case Walnut for iPhone X, which you can also get either from Amazon or directly from Moment.

I use quite a bit a gear from Moment, so here are links to all the reviews I've written about the Moment Lenses and Moment iPhone photography accessoires.