3 iconic New York photo spots shot and edited on iPhone

Do you know that feeling when you plan a trip for several months and it’s over within a week? Nevertheless, planing my trip around some iconic New York Photo spots was worth it. 

Moreover, this trip to New York was special for me. First, it’s been a while since I last visited New York more than 20 years ago. Second, it was the last vacation with my dad before he passed away and maybe because of that, I still remember when we queued up to go to the top of the Twin Towers and stood there just enjoying the view.

During my week long stay in New York I visited a number of iconic photo spots and movie locations. Here are the first three of them.


Photo Spot 1: The Flatiron Building

Allegedly, the Flatiron Building is the most photographed building in New York. And it’s one of New York’s iconic movie locations, too:

* You can see „Godzilla“ trample down things right in front of it
* It’s Peter Parker‘s Office in „Spider-Man“ 1, 2 & 3
* An Asteroid destroys it in „Armageddon“

More films in which you can see the Flatiron Building are listed in IMDB.

I took this photo with my iPhone 7 plus using the 2x optical zoom from the top of a hop-on hop-off bus while waiting at a red light. I know that hop-on hop-off tours are quite touristy but I love to take such tours especially in bigger cities to get an overview and identify places I’ll go later on foot.

Flatiron Building New York

Flatiron Building New York

As with all photos on this page, I ran it through SKRWT to fix the perspective distortion. Then I adjusted lights and shadows in Adobe Lightroom mobile.


Photo Spot 2: Statue of Liberty as seen from Ellis Island

I’ll tell you a little secret: Since I discovered a dozen of handwritten letters from a distant ancestor, I started to research and build my family tree. So I just had to go to Ellis Island and visit the Immigration museum to learn about the immigration process back then. That was so informative; and guess what: I was even able to solve a family mystery there.

When I left Ellis Island on the ferry boat, the sun was just perfect for this shot. It lightened the Statue of Liberty on the nearby Liberty Island plus you get a great view of the New York City Skyline in the background.

Lady Liberty New York

Lady Liberty New York

I got this photo using the stock iOS camera app and edited it, fixing perspective distortion, using SKRWT (I used that a lot for architecture photos in New York) and brightened the skyline using a selective adjustment in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. 

One more thing I did in Lightroom Mobile was to give the water a slightly blue tone using a brush.

One more tip for Ellis Island: If you’re into wandering around in old and abandoned buildings check out the hard hat tour of the abandoned Ellis Island hospital. Yes, it’s a guided tour but there a a dozen of great places to take photos.


Photo Spot 3: The iconic Manhattan Bridge View

This photo spot is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, at the corner of Washington Street and Front Street. Here’s a link to Google Maps to help you find it. If you’re staying in a hotel in Manhattan, I’d recommend to take any kind of transportation to the Brooklyn Bridge and just cross it on foot and you’ll find another iconic photo spot.

At the end of Brooklyn Bridge just keep left and you’ll be there in 2-3 minutes.

There are three things you should pay attention to at this iconic photo spots. First, all the selfie takers that will run into your frame (and sometimes even into you). 

Second, how the bridge perfectly aligns with the street and intersection of Washington and Water Street from which I took the photo. 

Third, how the Empire State Building in the distance perfectly aligns with the center of the pillar of the bridge.

Once you’re done here, grab yourself a snack and something to drink at the store to your right and continue towards the sea for even one more iconic photo spot - and before you go there, be sure to download Slow Shutter Cam App to take long exposures. You may want to use it there.

Iconic Manhatten Bridge View New York

Iconic Manhatten Bridge View New York

Again, I used SKRWT one this one to fix the perspective distortion and to ensure the bridge and the buildings are upright and in a 90 degree angle to the horizon.

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