How I shot and edited the CEC Palace in Bucharest

Bucharest is full of old buildings and palaces of all size. The CEC palace in this shot is the headquarter of the national savings bank. It's a little difficult to shot a night because you won't have much space there. The only place where you get a nice and frontal view is often full of parked cars and I didn't want to put the tripod in the middle of the street :)

I was lucky to find a small gap between two parked cars - the only one at this time.

The shot is a 3 frame HDR. I took the bracketed shots with ProCamera [iTunes App Store Link] in manual mode. ISO turned down to around 160 to avoid noise. Manual mode does not work with all shooting modes in Pro Camera. For this one I used the default camera mode. To enter manual mode, tap the exposure compensation (+/-) button and set it to your liking.

Then I combined the three shots to an HDR using Pro HDR X [iTunes App Store Link], fixed crooked lines with SKRWT and finally fine tuned the shot with Enlight [iTunes App Store Link].

And to out myself as a geek, I used the Apple Watch as a remote shutter release :)

CEC Palace Bucharest; (cc) by-nc

CEC Palace Bucharest; (cc) by-nc

More about how I used SKRWT app with this shot is in the review of SKRWT app. Questions? Sound off in the comments below.