Review: Joby Griptight One Magnetic Impulse Gorillapod

A Gorillapod is one of those photo accessories that I already used when I still photographed with a DSLR and I still use one since I’ve turned to iPhone photography. Just in case you e never heard of a Joby Gorillapod: That’s a portable tripod with flexible legs. Many photographers love it because:

  • It’s small and portable and available in different sizes depending on if you want to mount a DSLR, point and shoot or an iPhone
  • Using the flexible legs, you can basically wrap the tripod basically around everything.
  • It’s easy to use on uneven surfaces and leveling your camera is really easy

Gorillapods come in different sizes. When I switched to iPhone photography, I bought the smallest one that I originally reviewed here. Since then, Joby has released a new model that has a useful new feature: magnetic feet. Those magnetic feet make the Joby Griptight One Magnetic Impulse, that I’m reviewing here, a great and ultra portable tripod for photographing in cities. By utilizing the magnetic feet, each light post, each metallic structure basically becomes a tripod.


But first, let me decompose the fancy name “Joby GripTight One Magnetic Impulse Gorillapod” for you. I feel that’s necessary, because we’re not talking about a single product here. It’s actually a bundle of three products from Joby:

  • Joby Gorillapod magnetic is the core product. A gorillapod with flexible legs and magnetic feet hat you wrap around basically anything and is quite simple to use on uneven surfaces.
  • GripTight One refers to the iPhone tripod mount. Previously, two different versions of this mount were available. A smaller one for regular sized iPhones and an XL version for all those “plus” phones. Joby released an update to that and now one size fits them all.
  • Impulse is the wireless remote shutter for iPhone from Joby that’s part of this bundle. This one replaced my MukuShuttr that worked well for several years but recently broke.

All of the above are available as single products and as a bundle with the super fancy name. If you don’t have a wireless remote shutter and no iPhone tripod mount yet, I definitely recommend to get the full Joby Griptight One Magnetic Impulse Gorillapod bundle.

So, here’s my review about each of the three products in detail.

Joby Gorillapod Magnetic

I mainly have been using the Job Gorillapod for long exposures. Here are two shots where I used the older model (without magnetic feed). In the first one I photographed a small waterfall at Setagaya Park in Vienna using a Muku Shuttr as a wireless remote shutter release. As it broke recently after several years of heavy usage, I had to get a new one anyway. And the Joby Griptight One Magnetic Impulse bundle came just in time.


In the second photo I use my Apple Watch as a remote shutter with Slow Shutter Cam App that I reviewed here in my blog.


What’s so great about the Job Gorillapod are the flexible feet. You can wrap them around anything and use e.g. handrails of bridges as a tripod. With the release of the Gorillapod magnetic, Joby added strong magnetic feet to the tripod. With those magnetic feet, you can quickly attach the tripod to any metal structure like a light post. And yes, those magnetic feet are strong enough to hold even an iPhone plus. Great for taking photos in low light or long exposures in cities.

And finally, the small formfactor makes out ultraportable

Joby Griptight One

The Griptight One is the iPhone tripod mount that comes with the bundle. Previously, Joby sold two different Griptight iPhone tripod mounts. A smaller one for all the regular sized phones and an “XL” version for all the plus sizes versions since the iPhone 6.

The new “Griptight One” is a one size fits all iPhone tripod mount, that fits regular sized iPhones as well as the new plus models. The Griptight One is not limited to the Joby Gorillpad. It has a standard screw mount and works with pretty all other tripods (big or small) that have the same, standard, mount screw like e.g. the AmazonBasics Travel Tripod I use.

I’ve been using the Joby Griptight One iPhone tripod mount since it came out for one simple reason: It’s simple to use and works no matter no matter if you use a case on your iPhone or not. I’ve tested it sucessfully with many cases like the Apple leather cases or the Moment cases I use for mounting the Moment iPhone lenses. However, I found one exception: The Griptight One does not work well (or at all) with folio cases.

Oh, and if you find one of those near Hraunfossar waterfall in Iceland, it’s probably mine. Take it as a gift from me. You’re welcome.

If you just need an iPhone tripod mount, the Joby Griptight One is available as a stand along product or as a part of the Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod Magnetic Impulse bundle.

Joby Impulse

The Joby Impulse is a small wireless remote shutter that works with all of my favouite camera apps: The built in iOS Camera app, ProCamera App, Slow Shutter Cam App and Hydra App. It connects to your iPhone via bluetooth. Based from my experience with other remote shutter releases I do believe that the Joby Impluse will work with all camera apps that support the volume+ button of your iPhones as shutter release.

A remote shutter release like the Joby Impulse is great for taking long exposures with e.g. Slow Shutter Cam App or taking a live photo that you convert to a long exposure afterwards, shoot photos in low light using Pro Camera App in Low Light Mode and it works great for selfies when your camera is further away than just an arms length. And because it’s so small, you can easily hide it in your hand when taking a selfie.

Pro tip: Set the camera timer to three seconds, so you have even more time to hide it in your hand when taking a selfie.

I strongly encourage you to use a remote shutter release for long exposures with iPhone to avoid camera shake when pressing the shutter release directly on iPhone.

If you just received your Joby Impulse, you’ll need to pair it with your iPhone first. To pair the Joby Impulse:

  • Make sure bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone
  • Press and hold the button (there is just one!) on the Joby Impulse until the LED flashes
  • Select “Joby Impulse” in the Bluetooth Settings on iPhone

Once you’re done and don’t need the remote shutter release anymore, do turn it off! It seems that the Joby Impluse connects to the Phone as a kind of keyboard. Because of this, if you leave your Joby Impulse turned on and want to e.g. write a text or email, iPhone won’t display the keyboard. But I guess that’s an iPhone problem. I’ve experienced this behaviour with may different remote shutter releases.

If you need a wireless shutter release for iPhone, have a look at the Joby Impulse that you can get as a standalone product or as a part of the Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod Magnetic Impulse bundle.

Summary of Joby Griptight One Magnetic Impulse Gorillapod

I love and use the Joby GripTight Gorillapod quite often. It’s much more convenient to use than a big tripod and because of it’s small form factor, it’s ultra portable. Especially during city trips, I find myself using the gorillapod more often than the big tripod because I can basically mount it anywhere. Because of the magnetic feet even a lightpost works great as a tripod.

In combination with the Joby Impulse wireless shutter release and the Griptight One mount, I recommend looking at Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod Magnetic Impulse e.g. at Amazon.