How To get a nice bokeh shooting with your iPhone

A bokeh is a blurry area around the main subject of the photo. You can use this technique to make the main subject, like the flower above, stand out from the rest of the photo. With a DSLR, you would change the aperture to get a nice bokeh around the subject of your photo; but the iPhone has a fixed aperture of f/2.2. 

The easy way: As you can't change the aperture of the iPhone, you just have to move closer to the subject like I did with that flower in the above shot. This is my preferred way of getting a bokeh. Make sure to tap the screen so the camera can correctly focus on the subject.

But if you simply can't move as close as you would need to or prefer to use an app, you should have a look at Big Lens [iTunes App Store Link] which helps you "fake" a bokeh around the main subject in your photo.