Night Photography with iPhone can be tricky

When I ditched my DSLR in favour of an iPhone as my only camera in 2013, I was well aware that decent night photos with an iPhone would be difficult. Back then, iPhone photos taken at night were badly exposed and usually very noisy. I struggled through different ways and approaches to get better photos with my iPhone at night. 

But since then, the iPhone camera itself and iPhone camera apps became better and better and enabled me to get good photos with iPhone at night. Most notably are ProCamera and its Low Light Mode and Slow Shutter Cam App; two apps I use frequently for my iPhone night photography. Here are some sample photos I took over the years (continuously updated; newest first):


Full List of apps and Gear for taking iPhone photos at night

In addition to apps I strongly encourage you to invest in a tripod and a good and easy to use tripod mount. I prefer to use the lightweight AmazonBasics Travel Tripod using a Joby Griptight or Joby Griptight Pro mount.

Here’s the complete list of apps and gear I use to take photos at night with iPhone.


Stories and tutorials about iPhone night photography in the blog

I’m documenting my various nightly photo walks and how I took photos with an iPhone at night in my blog. You’ll also find app and gear reviews for iPhone night photography there. Here’s some recommended reading for you to improve your iPhone night photography game from the blog:


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