No Camera Bag
No Camera Bag
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iPhone Photography

for tourists, travelers and explorers helping you to take better travel photos with iPhone and to travel light. No camera bag needed.


Why iPhone Photography?

I love to travel light. So one day during a trip in 2012, my camera bag along with the bulky DSLR had to stay in the hotel room. That day I used only my iPhone to photograph. Since then, I’ve shot and edited thousands of travel photos on iPhone taken mainly on my trips in Europe.

Let me show you how.


iPhone Photography

See the iPhone photography apps & lenses and tripod I use, how I shoot, edit and manage my photos with iPhone on the go and discover photo spots mainly in Europe.

Traveling Light

I ditched my DSLR and the camera bag because I love to travel light. Learn about the apps & stuff I use for this way of traveling and get tip & tricks for traveling light.

Everyday Carry

Apparently, a kind of science has evolved around the stuff that one carries every day. That sounds like fun. Count me in! Here’s my everyday carry along with some EDC tips.

Latest Stories

In my blog I write about my approach to iPhone photography, photo spots I visited, the apps and gear I use for photographing with iPhone and the stuff I use to travel light


Head over to the blog to read about my approach to iPhone photography, how I travel light and the everyday carry I use.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow
— Imogen Cunningham

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