Review: Shoulderpod S1 iPhone Grip with Wrist Strap

If there’s one thing I miss from the DSLRs or compact cameras I used it’s the wrist strap. We iPhone photographers can buy all kinds of fancy accessoires like lenses, rigs, flash lights and so on, but I haven’t found any decent case that supports wrist strap.

Being able to attach a wrist strap to an iPhone case would make me less prone for a heart attack if I’d accidentally drop the phone.

When I had an iPhone 4, I found HipstaCase to which I could attach a wrist strap. The next case that would allow me to attach a wrist strap was the Moment Case for the iPhone 6 and 6S. But it seems that Moment is not releasing an updated case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone plus models.

So I bought another solution: The ShoulderPod S1 [Amazon Link]


ShouldPod S1

It's basically a “stick”, 6 inch long and with a diameter of 1 inch. It comes with two clamps that will hold your iPhone.

The clamps are opened and closed using a thumb screw at the top and it works with smartphones of almost all sizes. Even with the big iPhone 7plus I use. The clamps have a layer of thick rubber on them to avoid damaging the precious phone and they’re big enough so I don’t need to remove the Apple leather case.

ShoulderPod S1 iPhone Grip with Wriststrap

ShoulderPod S1 iPhone Grip with Wriststrap


It comes with a broad and long wrist strap that’s attached to the lower quarter. The wrist strap is long enough to allow me to comfortably hold the iPhone for taking pictures.

And, if you unscrew the bottom part, the ShoulderPod S1 doubles as tripod mount that works great as long as your tripod has a standard mounting screw like the AmazonBasics Travel Tripod or the Joby Gorillapod.

Unscrew the bottom part and the ShoulderPod S1 works as a Tripod Mount

Unscrew the bottom part and the ShoulderPod S1 works as a Tripod Mount

If you’re following me on Instagram you may have seen that I went on a snow shoe hike at the Rax, a mountain range near Vienna. I used the SholderPod S1 there together with a pair of smartphone gloves [Amazon Link]. This combination makes photographing in cold conditions with an iPhone bearable.

As I'm a righty, I prefer to attach the ShoulderPod S1 on the right side of the phone.  This way, I can easily reach the shutter release button of any camera app.

The ShoulderPod S1 is a handy little accessory for every iPhone photographer. Check the price and get your Shoulderpod S1 from Amazon