Retouching with TouchRetouch App Class

TouchRetouch is an app that enables you to remove objects and people from your photos right on your iPhone or iPad. After this class you’ll be able to retouch even complex photos like this one:

I’ve been using this Touch Retouch on my iPhone and iPad since 2012 and I also have a review of TouchRetouch that I update whenever a new version is out.

What you’ll learn in the TochRetouch Class

In this training session, I’ll share my knowledge and experience about TouchRetouch app with you. In a 90 minute training lessen you’ll learn;

  • When to use the healing brush and when to use the clone tool

  • Settings and using the healing brush and clone tool

  • Removing things from your photos: Light poles, power lines, people and other objects

  • Avoid the common pitfalls of retouching to create photos that do not scream “retouched”

By taking this training, you’ll save hours of time using a trial and error approach. I’ve already done that for you. Best of all, the training is live and you can ask questions.

I’ve teamed up with the fantastic guys from Lightmob, who have developed a free training app that you run on your iPhone or iPad. Lightmob’s video calling and screen sharing technology allow for a live and highly interactive learning experience so you can see exactly how I’m editing the photos in real-time. This will be a personalized lesson, so I will be able to answer any questions you may have. You can take the training anywhere: at home, in the park, while commuting. Just plug in your earphones, launch the Lightmob app, that you can get from the App Store, and you’re good to go.

Lessons are available in German and English.