Fix perspective distortions with Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Perspective distortion is an effect that occurs due to the position of the camera in relation to an object or because you didn’t have time to properly align the camera with your subject. In architecture photography perspective distortion is sometimes called “falling lines”. Here are some completely unedited photos with perspective distortion.

Learn how to fix perspective distortions with Lightroom Mobile

After taking this class, you’re able to fix all kinds of perspective distortions, even multi-dimensional distortions, in Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Learn different options about how to fix perspective distortions manually, semi-automatically and fully automatic

  • Learn how to fine tune the automatic perspective distortion features of Lightroom Mobile

  • See how to fix perspective distortion without sacrificing image resolution in Lightroom Mobile.

I’ve teamed up with the fantastic guys from Lightmob, who have developed a free training app that you run on your iPhone or iPad. Lightmob’s video calling and screen sharing technology allow for a live and highly interactive learning experience so you can see exactly how I’m editing the photos in real-time. This will be a personalized lesson, so I will be able to answer any questions you may have. You can take the training anywhere: at home, in the park, while commuting. Just plug in your earphones, launch the Lightmob app, that you can get from the App Store, and you’re good to go.

Lessons are available in German and English.

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