Ethics Statement

I wrote this page so that everyone knows exactly what’s happening on my site. Long time readers already know this, but I want to make it clear to old and new readers alike.

First, I’m Chris Feichtner and I live in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. I originally started this web-site back in 2010 as a tumblr to share my travel photos online.

Over time, the site has grown and in 2019 I changed its name from “” to “” simply to reflect its broader focus.

This site is a private site and personal blog. It’s mainly about mobile photography, my travels, how I travel with carry on luggage only and about everyday carry. I like to showcase what’s possible with mobile photography and try to show you a few small corners of the world I’ve been to.

And because it’s a personal blog, I’ll only write about places I’ve been to myself, apps I use myself and various gear and accessories I use myself. So you’ll never see and read posts here like “5 travel tripods ...”, “9 power banks to ...” or “17 iPhone lenses to ...”.

If I write about an app, a tripod or a lens, then because I’ve been using it myself for a longer period - not just for a single blog or Instagram post. But things change and I may use something different for a certain purpose than I did in the past. That’s why the current apps and gear I use are always listed on the iPhone Photography, Traveling Light and everyday carry pages and the old ones are still available in the blog.

No one pays me to do those reviews. I write them in the hope that they’re useful for other iPhone photographers and travelers. In my reviews, you’ll find links to online stores, where you can purchase those things like the iOS App Store, Amazon or the Moment Online Store. Whenever you purchase something through one of those links, I may get a small commission from the total purchase price - but you don’t pay a cent more!

If we ever meet, I’ll happily show you all the apps and gear I’m talking about on this site. Just ask.

Sometimes I’m able to offer discounts or coupons. For example, you get 10% off your first purchase from the Moment online store if you purchase one of the lenses I reviewed or the Moment case through this link.

Again, sometimes I’m asked to beta test software which I happily do, because I’m curious by design. I don’t get paid to do that and just because I was a beta tester, does not mean I’ll write a positive review or write a review at all.

If a blog post is the result of any form of cooperation, then I will clearly state that in the blog post.

I shot all photos on this site myself. Older photos in the blog are from my compact, DSLR and mirror-less “era”. I originally edited them with various software on a Mac. When I made the switch to iPhone photography, I re-edited many of those photos to learn post-processing with an iPhone or an iPad. I constantly re-process older photos and update them. I mention major changes in the post processing workflow in the blog post.

I’m annoyed if a web-site doesn’t clearly state if a link leads to an external site or not. That's why I try to be clear about that on my site. External links in the blog are labeled (e.g. iTunes App Store Link, Link and Amazon Link) or you’ll see man external links symbol near the link. So you know where a click will take you. All other links will lead to another page on my site.

The same as I’ve said above applies to all my special media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Behance and my portfolio web-site.

Thank you for listening and if you have an concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

And now let’s take some great iPhone photos together. Have you checked the latest blog posts?

Yours, Chris