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Free iOS Shortcuts

Here I’ll publish some of the iOS shortcuts I’ve created and hope you find them useful. They’re free and come with absolutely no warranty of any kind. Use at your own risk. You’re free to share them with your real-life or virtual friends. All I ask is that you attribute the shortcut to me and link to this page your friends can always get the latest version.


How to install a shortcut on your iPhone or iPad

First, installing and running a shortcut requires iOS 11 and up plus the Shortcuts app from Apple. Second, installing a shortcut works only directly on your iPhone or iPad and requires just two steps:


Make sure you open this page on an iOS devices. To download and install any of the shortcuts from this page, just tap the Install Shortcut ➝ link below any shortcut listed above.


Shortcut app will launch and display a screen informing you which services the shortcut uses. Tap the Get Shortcut button to download in install the shortcut to your iPhone or iPad.