Young Christina Stürmer at the Stars4Free Music Festival

Christina Stürmer at a concert in Vienna

Christina Stürmer at a concert in Vienna

Christina Stürmer was a participant in the Austrian casting show Starmania. Though she "just" came second place, her participation in the casting show boosted her music career, especially in Germany and she sold and alleged over 1 Million records since then. Her music style is characterized as pop-rock.

This photo is from the beginning of her career when she was the main act of the Stars4Free music festival in Austria.

Right after such concerts, I had to rush back home and I only had a few hours to sort out the photos, to process and edit them and to upload them to the photo agency. I used the now discontinued Apple Aperture to process all there concert photos. As with all the other concert photos in the blog, I re-processed this one with Adobe Lightroom Mobile on an iPad Pro.

If you want to know how to convert your photos to black and white, here's a little tutorial for you about black and white conversion with Lightroom Mobile