The Pillars of the Theseus Template in Vienna

In Vienna, you can photograph lots of different architecture styles, from modern to classic to antique. This photo is a part of the Theseus Template in the city park opposite the town hall. It’s a small museum and beautifully illuminated at night.

I photographed the temple with my iPhone during a photo-walk through the city and used the photo to give Skrwt App another try; Skrwt is an iPhone app that corrects falling lines and perspective distortions without overly cropping the final result.

Original shot with crooked lines

The Pillars with crooked lines fixed

The Pillars with crooked lines fixed

Skrwt App impresses me the more I use it. I just open a photo, select the kind of distortion I want to fix and use a slider to correct it. It fixes horizontal, vertical and even spherical distortions.

Head over to the review of SKRWT if you want to know more.