Enjoy a stunning View over Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Tower is the best place to get a stunning 360 degreee view over Las Vegas. It's a staggering 1.149 feet tall. On a clear day you can oversee the entire city and as far as the city limits. It's breathtaking.

If you're brave, you can take a controlled bungee jump from the top of the viewing platform. Your fall will not exceed a certain speed and you'll be slowed down before you gently touch the ground. 

Be prepared to shell out a few bucks to go up the tower and I recommend to leave anything at the hotel that could (in theory) be used to break the glass of the tower. I was searched and hat to deposit anything metal at the entrance. Even my small Gorillapod. So I had to take this shot free hand. Seems like tripods are considered dangerous for skyscrapers. I couldn't take a tripod to the Shard in London, too.

I took the shot with an iPhone 5 and edited it with Enlight [iTunes App Store Link]. Apart from the usual contrast, etc. adjustments, I applied the excellent noise reduction of Enlight to the sky.