Snake Eyes: Two closeups taken at the oldest Zoo in the World

Macro Mode of the Lumix TZ-41

Macro Mode of the Lumix TZ-41

I'm currently trying to slim down my photography gear and got myself a new Lunix TW-42 point and shoot camera. After I tested the incredible zoom on the new Panasonic Lumix TZ-41 I tried the macro setting.

As it was a little dark in the terrarium I mounted the Lumix TZ-41 to a lightweight Gorillapod for compact cameras and put it on the small lug in front of the glass window of the terrarium. I set the TZ-41 to macro mode I used a two second self timer to take the photo. Snakes are great models; they don't move around that much so you can easily take a long exposure.

During my re-edit-mania of old photos with Apple Lightroom Mobile in 2019, I applied color correction to those two photos to remove the green cast of the light in the Terrarium.

The second one is a shot that I took with my Nikon D300.