Review: Tech Armor 20800 mAh PowerBank keeps you powered up

One of the biggest annoyance of modern Smartphones is the limited battery capacity. A full charge of my iPhone 6S+ doesn't even last a day. Usually I run out of battery between 3-5pm; even faster when I photograph and edit photos.

So I use different power banks to keep my devices charged on the go. From small every day power banks to bigger ones for traveling.

For 2-3 day trips I tried the Techarmor 20800 mAh power bank.

Enough Power for a short trip with the Techarmor 20.800 maH power bank

Enough Power for a short trip with the Techarmor 20.800 maH power bank

It comes with two charging ports, one for a tablet (or a power hungry smartphone like the 6S Plus) and one for a less power hungry device like an Apple Watch or a smaller smartphone. The tablet port port prodives 2.1A, the phone port 1A.

4 blue LEDs indicate the amount of charge. As a rule of thumb oneLED light provides my iPhone 6S+ with 1.5 charges from 20% to 100%.

I use the power pack to keep the iPhone running during the day on a trip and use it to charge it along my Apple Watch during the night. This power bank has enough power to keep the iPhone, Apple Watch and even the iPad Mini charged during a 2-3 day trip.

Charging the iPhone alone, I can get around 6-7 charges from 20% to 100%.

The power bank is not always on. To start charging your devices, you have to press the power button.

Charging the PowerBank itself takes some time depending on how you charge it. If you charge it on a USB port of a computer a complete charge will take almost 24 hours! I recommend to use a dedicated 12V 1A charger. Then it takes just 12 hours and you can charge the power bank in the hotel over night.

The TechArmor 20800 mAh power bank is a solid external battery to keep all of your phones, tablets and other gear running. Because of is weight of 1 pound it may be too heavy for every day use, but it's an indispensable travel accessory.


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