My Photography Habits: Wait the extra Minute

Today I want to tell you about one of my photography principles and this photo of the North Cape Statue in Norway is just perfect to illustrate the principle of Wait the other minute.

I got this photo during one of my most spectacular trips so far: a cruise along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkenes and back that I did in December 2007 during the polar night. If you wonder why the hell I do a cruise during the coldest and darkest period in Norway:

  • I just wanted to see (pun intended) and experience how three days of total darkness feels.
  • I hoped to see Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

We arrived at 9 a.m. in Honningsvag and a bus took us to the North Cape. We arrived there around noon. People were going to the beautifully illuminated North Cape Statue and one after another posed for their “I’ve been here” vacation shot.

I put up my tripod, tried to find a good spot and patiently waited until everyone of the crowd got their vacation memory shot. It took around 30 minutes at -4F.

Once everyone was finished and went to the warm cafeteria, I had enough time to experiment and get this (and a few more) shot of the North Cape Statue. “Waiting the other minute” definitely paid off in this case.

The Globe | North Cape, Norway

Looking back the past 10 years, this principle worked great especially for landscape and cityscape photography. Here are a more example shots that I got just because I waited long enough.

Since 2007 I’ve edited and re-edited this photo numerous times. This last incarnation is an edit I did on iPad Pro using Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Pigeon Swarm | Bucharest, Romania

Arriving at the Ateneul Roman in Bukarest, Romania, I noticed this huge pigeon warm flying around the building. I pictured that it would look nice if I could capture them coming from behind the building and flying in front of it. Since it’s a little difficult to instruct a pigeon swarm to do so, I just put up my tripod and waited for 20-30 minutes until they finally came exactly the way I wanted. Oh and I basically hid the people in front of the building using a low angle so they were behind the bushes.

The Seagull | San Francisco, USA

During a harbor cruise in the San Francisco Bay Area our boat was accompanied by numerous cheeky seagulls and I hoped to capture exactly one of them (not the entire swarm) together with the Golden Gate Bridge. Voila. 5 minutes later I got this shot.