How I shot "No Light at the End" with Pro Camera in HDR mode.

No Light at the End; (cc) by-nc .

No Light at the End; (cc) by-nc

I discovered this streetcar tunnel late at night in Bratislava right behind my hotel. I liked how the tunnel slightly bends down and that I couldn't see the end of the tunnel. Somehow mystic.

I used Pro Camera 8 and my iPhone 6 to photograph the scene. Pro Camera has earned the spot as my main camera app. It can save uncompressed TIFF files which have a better quality compared to compressed JPEG files. Pro Camera also has different shooting modes like HDR (new in version 8) and a special long exposure mode for better photos at night.

You can get the four new HDR modes via an InApp purchase; the modes are a natural and a colourful vivid HDR mode, a dramatic mode with rich details and a black and white HDR mode. You can try all four modes before you buy them in Pro Camera 8 [iTunes App Store Link].