Mr. Bombastic - Shaggy - at a concert in Vienna in 2004

You need luck to get a good closeup at a concert. The light keeps changing within seconds, and the musicians dash around on the stage without giving your camera time to focus.

So get yourself a camera with fast autofocus and a light sensitive lens. It’s a good idea to set the autofocus to continuous.

I got this photo of Shaggy, aka Mr. Bombastic, at the Danube Island Festival in Vienna. Shaggy is a Jamaican singer who had quite a number of hits including It wasn‘t me, Boombastic, Oh Carolina, and Angel.

Back then, I still had DSLR (Nikon D70) and used Apple Aperture (now discontinued) to develop my concert photos. The photo above is a re-edit I did with Adobe Lightroom Mobile on an iPad Pro 11“ in 2019.

And finally, here's a little tutorial on how to convert photos to black and white with Lightroom Mobile for you.