Black and White Photo of Marc Terenzi at Stars4Free in Vienna

We have a number of great music festivals here in Vienna (as of 2005). There's the Danube Island Festival and the Stars 4 Free festival. The latter one is a music festival where you can't buy tickets - but you have to win them!

Marc Terenzi Black and White in Vienna (2005)

Marc Terenzi Black and White in Vienna (2005)

This year's lineup included Marc Terenzi, singer and former guitarist of the Band Natural. He was married to gran pop Singer Sarah Conner a few years back. Both of them even had their own reality show.

2019 Update: The above photo is from my time as a event and convert photographer (2001-2008) where I still used a DSLR like the Nikon D70 which I used to take this photo.

I'm currently working myself through old blog posts and re-edit some of the old photos with Adobe Lightroom Mobile, that I reviewed in the blog. I've also published a short tutorial that will explain how you can convert photos to black and white on your iPhone with Adobe Lightroom Mobile

I turned to iPhone only photography in 2012 and never regretted getting rid of the cumbersome DSLR gear.