How I photographed a Plasma Ball using Slow Shutter Cam

The plasma ball (cc) by-nc

The plasma ball (cc) by-nc

I photographed indoor recently and shot some long exposures of a plasma ball. A plasma ball is filled with a mixture of special gases and creates those cool looking "flashes" from the center to the glass of the sphere. Maybe a physician can explain exactly how that works.

The setup for this shot was simple. I put the globe on a soft, black cardboard, mounted the iPhone to a Joby Griptight Gorillapod and used Muku Shutter as a remote shutter release to avoid any kind of camera shake.

I used Slow Shutter Cam [iTunes App Store Link] to shoot the long exposure on an iPhone 6. Slow Shutter Cam has three modes and I used the second one called "light trails" for this shot. Through trial and error, I found 1 second to be a good exposure time.

If you use Slow Shutter Cam for the first time, don't forget to go into "Settings" and set the resolution to 8 Megapixels; otherwise you'll get a photo which has just HD resolution. Furthermore, if you want to use a remote shutter with Slow Shutter Cam, you have to enable "Volume Button Shutter" in the settings, too.