A black and white shot of a Junker Ju 52

Aunt Ju; (cc) by-nc squics.com

Aunt Ju; (cc) by-nc squics.com

James Brown from Skipology called my attention to a iPhone photo challenge run by Art of Mob on Instagram.

The challenge was about planes, trains and automobiles. It occurred to me that I do have some “old” iPhone photos of planes that I took at the Airport Munich. There’s a visitors park with a few old airplanes from the early years of aviation that’s well worth a visit.

I took that photo of a Junkers Ju 52 back in September 2010 with an iPhone 3G and Hipstamatic, a month before Instagram was launched.

Update: Art of Mob chose to feature my photo of the Ghost Train for the challenge. It’s an honour to be featured among such great iPhone photo artists.