A Selfie at the untamed Skogafoss Falls in Iceland

Iceland has been on my bucket list for some time. This year I finally made it. Iceland has a rich variety of landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, and you can experience miles of untouched nature. I explored Iceland on my pace. I rented a 4WD, which I do strongly recommend and drove along the south part of the ring.

One stop on day one was the huge Skogafoss waterfall. It's right near the ring road, and you can't miss its. Just watch where all the cars are going ;)

Don't miss the stunning view from the top of the waterfall - after you've climbed a perceived 1000 stairs :) Maybe you get to see one of the rainbows that come and go at this place.

The shot above is one of the rare selfies I take: Camera mounted to the tripod, launched the native camera app, enabled the self-timer and set to the maximum of 10 seconds. Then press the shutter release and run ;)

How to enable timed shot in the native iOS Camera App

How to enable timed shot in the native iOS Camera App

The best time to shoot at the Skogafoss is in the morning or later afternoon to evening. Expect dozens of tourist buses during the day (but most of them won't go very close to the waterfall to avoid getting wet) because of the spray mist.

If you photograph at the Skogafoss (or any other waterfall), put your precious iPhone into a cover or housing. The waterfalls create a huge amount of spray mist.