Stunning trick to shoot 16 MP Photos with an iPhone

During a trip to Prague I went to photograph the famous Charles Bridge. A really old bridge finished in the early 15th century. And I shot a 16 megapixel photo with just an iPhone. Here's how.

It's actually quite simple to double the resolution of photos from the iPhone using Autostitch Panorama App (discontinued). I took two photos of the tower in landscape mode; one of the lower and one of the upper part.

Then Autostitch Panorma App combined the two photos to a single photo with a 3:4 aspect ratio (two landscape photos with a 3:2 aspect stitched vertically) that I cropped square, my favourite format.

I prefer Autotstitch Panorama App to the built in panorama mode, because it gives me more control over the scene.

The iOS camera app panorama mode can only take photos horizontally or vertically. With Autositch Panorama I can stitch e.g. 2 x 2 photos (horizontally and vertically at the same time) and create a higher resolution photo up to 18 megapixels. An excellt way to simulate a wide angle lens.

Don't forget to set to set the resolution to "advanced" and "100%" and the maximum size to 18 megapixel in the settings of Autostitch Panorma.

Here's the final shot:

A Tower at the Charles Bridge; (cc) by-nc

A Tower at the Charles Bridge; (cc) by-nc

A common side effect of stitched (panorama) photos are bent lines which I fixed using Skrwt App; a great app to fix all kinds of perspective distortions.