Finally fix perspective distortion with an iPhone

I discovered a new app for the iPhone and I've been waiting for an app like this! The app is called SKRWT. It corrects perspective distortions and crooked lines you get when photographing buildings from the ground level. Read my full review of SKRWT.

The app is simple to use: Open a photo in SKRWT, select which kind of perspective distortion you want to fix, use a slider to adjust the amount of correction and you're done. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

Here's the original shot and the fixed shot side by side. 

The Austrian Parliament with crooked lines

The Austrian Parliament with crooked lines fixed using SKRWT

I tried other apps with similar functionality but they all cropped and reduced the resolution of my iPhone photos. SKRWT doesn't. 

I took the above shot mainly as a test shot to play around with SKRWT. It's the main building of the Austrian Parliament. Looks Greek ... or Roman? No idea.

Here's a full review of SKRWT app for you!

The nice little reflection at the spearhead was done with Lensflare App. Finally, I converted the photo to black and white using the built in editing tools in the new camera roll.