Fly away on a rainy day and how to get a nice bokeh

Well, I'm usually not good at rhyming but the title for this blog post was somehow obvious :) 

I got that shot when I flew to Tirana, Albania, a few weeks ago. The weather was so bad and it rained so heavily that we almost couldn't take off. 

But finally we did and when the plane accelerated I got the nice diagonal water on the airplane window. I thought that this would make a nice photo in combination with the dark clouds outside.

With a DSLR you would set the aperture manually to blur the background of a photo to get a bokeh like in this shot.

But the iPhone has a fixed aperture of f/2.2 so your only chance to get a bokeh is to get very close to the subject you want to capture. And I mean really close like a few inches but that the iPhone can still focus on the subject.

Here's another shot that illustrates that.

I didn't use any spectacular app for the black and white conversion. I just used the iPhone camera roll adjustments. For black and white conversions I usually start with one of the presets that you can chose from after you selected a photo and pressed "Edit" in the camera roll.

For this one I used the "Noir" preset. 

Black and White conversion with photos app

Black and White conversion with photos app

Then I usually switch to the lights adjustments and adjust the available settings in the light drawer to my liking. To go there tap on the adjustments icon, then tap the light icon. To get the drawer where you can adjust light settings individually, finally tap the icon that looks like a bullet list on the right side above the slider.

Now you can adjust exposure, highlights, shadows, brightness, contrast and black point. As a hint, try to increase the contrast and black point for your black and white photos for more dramatic look.

Adjust light settings with photos app

Adjust light settings with photos app

And this is the final photo, taken with the iOS camera app and converted to black and white with the iOS camera roll. No additional apps used.

Fly away on a rainy day

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