Chrissi Klug from Luttenberger*Klug.

Chris Klug from former Austrian Pop-Duo Luttenberger Klug

Chris Klug from former Austrian Pop-Duo Luttenberger Klug

Luttenberger*Klug was an Austrian Pop-Duo that was quite famous between 2005 and 2010 in Austria and Germany. The above photo shows Christina "Chrissi" Klug who sang and played guitar.

The photo is from one of the last concerts I photographed here in Vienna. It was the annual and famous Danube Island Festival; a open air music festival with more than 20 stages where you can listen to national and international artists for free.

I took this photo with a Nikon D300 DSLR. That was one of the last DSLRs I owned before I completely turned to travel and iPhone photography. No doubt that the Nikon D300 was an excellent camera. But from a 2019 perspective I can hardly imagine traveling with such a bulky camera and the necessary accessories. I love how using the iPhone as my only camera has enabled me to travel light.

Originally, I edited this shot with Apple Aperture plus a few plugins like Topaz DeNoise on my iMac. Aperture was a photo editing program on Mac quite similar to Adobe Lightroom.

The above photo of Chrissi Klug is a re-edit that I recently did with Lightroom Mobile on an iPad Pro. There's also a tutorial in which I walk you through the steps necessary to convert a photo to black and white with Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Back then, I shot those concerts mainly in RAW an you can do that with iPhone today, too. Shooting RAW has several advantages over saving photos in JPEG or HEIF format. Checkout my FAQ about shooting RAW with iPhone if you want to know more.

Though Luttenberger Klug split up, their music is still available on Apple Music. So if you're curious how an Austrian Pop Duo sounds, here is the Luttenberger Klug Artist Page on Apple Music.

And finally, I've re-edited some of my older DSLR photos with Lightroom Mobile and uploaded them here in the blog. You can find all those photos in the Pre-iPhone Photography category.