The sky turned green for two hours: Northern Lights

This is an old blog post that I keep online for nostalgic purpose. It's from the time when I still used a DSLR. Now, this is a iPhone photo blog.

On December 31st, our ship was docked at Batsfjord harbour, Norway. While the other travellers stayed on the ship I left it and walked up a small hill to take a photo of our beautifully illuminated ship at night.

Northern Light

Suddenly, the sky above turned green and the Aurora Borealis began. While I chose to leave the ship and to walk the extra mile the passengers who chose to stay on the ship didn’t see it because the bright lights of the ship.

The photo is a 90 seconds exposure. It had so much noise even at low ISO and arbitrary “colorful” pixels.

I reduced noise with Nik Dfine 2.0 [Nik Homepage Link] and stamped out the colored pixels with Apple Aperture [Mac App Store Liks].