20 Schilling View

20 Schilling View; (cc) by-nc Chris Feichtner

20 Schilling View; (cc) by-nc Chris Feichtner

This is an old shot not taken with an iPhone. I still have it online for nostalgic purposes.

Austrians might recognize this view. It was on the back of the former Austrian 20 Schilling banknote. Hence the name of this view is “the 20 Schilling view”. It’s located in the mountains between Lower Austria and Styria; a one-hour walk from the railway station “Semmering”.

Technically, this shot is far from perfect, but I like the view and therefore publish it here. I broke one of the main rules of HDR photography: Always use a tripod. It’s a hand held, three exposure HDR made with Photomatrix Pro [Photomatix Homepage].

As the background had a clearly visible blue tint, I reduced intensity for blue and increased it for green. Finally I removed disturbing wires of a cargo ropeway with Snapheal [Mac App Store Link] and reduced noise with Topaz DeNoise [Topaz Homepage].