iPhone Camera Apps

The built-in iOS camera app is a great camera app. It has manual exposure control, HDR, burst mode, exposure lock and live photos. But there are situations like taking photos in low light conditions or taking long exposures. For such scenes I use third party iPhone camera apps. During the years, I’ve bought and tested dozens of camera apps. Here are the four ones that I use regularly


iOS Camera

The iPhone Camera App is a great app to start with. It works great for many settings. It has exposure control, HDR and a burst mode. Once you reach your limits like photographing at night, taking long exposures or HDR, turn to one of the other camera apps on this page.

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I turn to ProCamera whenever I need to shoot in low light situations, when I want to shoot photos in RAW format or whenever I need to adjust ISO or shutter speed manually.

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Slow Shutter Cam

Whenever I need to shoot a long exposure to capture motion like a waterfall or a vehicle passing by, I turn to Slow Shutter Cam. Excellent results in good light situations.

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I use Hydra camera app mainly for its capability to shoot 32 megapixels with iPhone. Works great for all static scenes like architecture without any movement in it.

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